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"Excellent service... these guys did an awesome job. Would recommend this team to all!"

Ivoclar BPS® Denture System

The Ivoclar BPS® system offers the best dentures available and is only available from a few clinics throughout NZ.  The prosthetics team at Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre have many years of experience and are fully trained in the amazing Ivoclar BPS® denture system. 

What are the advantages of BPS dentures compared to traditional dentures?

  • Less likely to break or chip
  • Allows for a more natural look and feel
  • Allows for easier eating and speaking
  • Offers a more comfortable fit
  • Reduces gum irritation

Denture Repairs

Sometimes dentures break and you need it repaired fast, as it can affect daily tasks. We can fix your broken dentures within the same day.

There are many reasons why dentures fracture:

  • Excessive wear after many years of denture use
  • Dentures that are not stable and are ill fitting
  • Hard contact on dentures via hard foods or teeth
  • Fatigue on acrylic continued by flexing on the gums
  • Excessive bleaching from denture cleaning products

You will need a dental professional to examine the fracture first, provide an assessment and estimate the cost of your repair.

It is always advised to come to a professional for repairs, rather than trying to fix broken dentures yourself, as this can cause further damage or affect the look and fitment of your dentures.

Acrylic Dentures

Traditionally, the following roadmap applies to get your dentures:

1st Appointment

Upper and lower initial impressions, for custom tray fabrication

2nd Appointment

Final impressions for upper and lower, jaws, & preliminary bite

3rd Appointment

Wax bite registration, face bow transfer

4th Appointment

Try – in of wax dentures

5th Appointment

Denture delivery after processing and finishing

Immediate denture cases

Using very good upper and lower alginate impressions, bite and clinical photographs, your dentures will be fast-tracked.

Digital denture cases

A model is printed from a scan and the dentures are manufactured in the traditional way, 3D printed or milled.

5 star ratings from our patients

Tyler Harris

"Best Dentist in Hamilton! Friendly staff - welcoming and accommodating, and Rahul is articulate and exceptional at his job - explains everything in great detail, gives you options..."

Jeanna Biggs

"Excellent service here, very apprehensive patient these guys did an awesome job. Would recommend this team to all! Extremely friendly and helpful. Patient needed intravenous and this was no issue to this experienced team, Rahul is amazing at what he does. No need to be afraid with this team on the job."

Stacey Parker

"Thank to The Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre. All your staff were lovely. I suffer from anxiety and white coat syndrome. As soon as I walked into the building I got feeling of calming and friendly... Thank you so much for making my dental visit a nice experience for me."

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